Dr Gabriel A. Adelmann

Dr Adelmann is an Internal Medicine and Cardiology specialist. Gabby views it as his core mission as a GP to
promote the principles and practice of Primary Prevention – the timely management of risk factors, to prevent disease onset. In addition to his interest in the latest developments of General Medicine, he is passionate about his chosen field of Cardiology, in which he has published two textbooks (
2001, 2010) with prestigious international publishing houses.

Dr. David C. Fieldhouse

Dr Fieldhouse has been, for three decades, one of the most respected physicians in the Leeds-Bradford-Huddersfield area.
He is the founder of DCF the Doc, the predecessor of West Wing Doctors. David takes an active interest in the various aspects of General Practice, and has ample experience in all types of patient care. he also worked for many years as a police surgeon in West Yorkshire.

We aim to provide our patients with the most competent possible medical care.

However, we believe that competence alone is not sufficient for providing first-class medical service.
Often neglected key points, which we make every effort to ensure, include

  • Individualised opening hours and consultation duration
    24/7 communication
    Clear explanation of all diagnoses, tests, and treatments
    Excellent communication and liaison with all the professionals involved in our patient’s care
    Timely reminders of follow-up dates