Dr Gabriel A. Adelmann

Dr Gabriel “Gabby” Adelmann, a highly experienced general practitioner, has been practicing medicine on three continents since 1990. He studied and worked in Europe, the US, and Israel. Along the way, he has obtained certification as a Specialist in Internal Medicine and in Cardiology, and has recently published a successful Cardiology textbook in the UK. Dr Adelmann has forged relationships with many top specialists and can frequently arrange very fast referrals. Gabby is fortunate to go every day to a job he loves: looking after patients and, often, after whole families. He strives to combine the personal touch of old-school medicine with fast-track availability of the best and the latest in medical care. In his hours of leisure, he enjoys listening to music and walking his dogs...

We aim to provide our patients with the most competent possible medical care.

However, we believe that competence alone is not sufficient for providing first-class medical service.
Often neglected key points, which we make every effort to ensure, include

  • Individualised opening hours and consultation duration
    24/7 communication
    Clear explanation of all diagnoses, tests, and treatments
    Excellent communication and liaison with all the professionals involved in our patient’s care
    Timely reminders of follow-up dates